[Plat] dangt61 a posted Mar 23, 14
Hello guys I am one of the Admin for the Bronze page , we are a new group looking for trash players. At the bronze page we make fun of Mexicans and look over bronze plays  we enjoy hardcore trash talking, and intense game play, by ourselves or even in groups, seeing the lack of shout-casting  and persecution of Mexicans, we have attempt to create a bronze environment for players near and far. We hope that you will take time to consider our group as your new bronze.       -Dangt61

Players : (Bronze Only)
Emo Kitty Cat : Aka BigBadFeed : Rank - Bronze XIV
NBWN Jkiller : Aka Bronze3 : Rank - Bronze III
LeBeastDude : Aka Steve : Rank - Gold V

Good Players : 
SatanV2 : Aka Regan : Rank - Gold IV
NBWN GoldCat : Aka Homie Sam : Rank - Gold V
wetclank :Aka Jarvan IV : Rank - Platinum V (NA), Platinum II (EUWEST)

God : 

Junior is a dumbass