BronzePage Magazine spotlights the beauty of Afrca, Africans and anything related to Africa. The maiden edition came out in June of 2016 and we are grateful to all those who contributed and helped make this possible.

Africa has not been properly given her due respect because the global news media choose to be selective when it comes to properly reporting News and Events in the Motherland. Since the beginning of time, great inventions happened because of problems in society that needs solution. Too often, people have lamented the negative news report when it comes to Africa.  BronzePage Magazine was born as a solution to that problem.

There is no doubt that Africa has her share of problems however the fact is that Africa also has positive Places, People and Events like any other continent. Our goal is to bring awareness to these positive things and places.

BronzePage Magazine is a quarterly publication soon to be a monthly online publication.

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